Scott Zeeman

Certified Public Accountants

Nancy E Scott, CPA
Laurel K Zeeman, CPA

Laurel and Mark only took one trip to South Africa during 2018 to see the rest of the Zeeman side of the family. It was a laid back trip where they wrapped up the loose ends from the sale of their home there. They did manage a couple of side trips during the visit, however! They visited Vergenoegd, their favorite wine farm, famous for their use of over 1,200 Indian Runner Ducks in leu of pesticides! It's a wonderful place to sit in the shade of ancient oak trees, sipping delightful wines, and watching the "duck parade" as the ducks are shuffled from one vineyard to another. 

In November, Nancy fulfilled a lifelong dream of going to New Zealand. She visited both islands over the course of a month and, determined not to miss anything, did a different activity every single day she was there! She kayaked, rode horses, hiked a glacier, snorkeled, went scuba diving, and learned as much about the country as possible. She is eager to take Porter back there when he is a little bit older!

The rest of their year was largely dedicated to developing their property just outside of Port Townsend. Klein Plaas (Little Farm) is being transformed from a derelict home on 5 acres into a small hobby horse farm. Leroy Brown (Laurel's horse) and Crackers (Porter's little pony) moved onto the farm over the summer and Mark and Laurel have been building a small barn and arena for them to enjoy. The project is nowhere near completion and full of blood, sweat, and tears, but Laurel and Mark are tremendously proud of their efforts thus far! They hope they will someday be able to just relax and enjoy those efforts! The horses love their new home and Porter takes part in the farm chores as much as he can.

During 2018, Nancy first visited Ecuador. In addition to visiting her friend Mercedes, whom she met on her 2017 trip to Spain, she also traveled to the Galapagos Islands! While staying with Mercedes, she went on many exciting horse treks and was shown around from a local's perspective. They even prepared a guinea pig for her birthday dinner! She also did a river trip through the Amazon Basin where she saw all varieties of jungle species and stayed in some very primitive locations! During the boat trip to and through the Galapagos Islands, she had the opportunity to see giant sea turtles and snorkeled with the penguins and the seals!