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An enthusiast for saving people tax dollars!

"Our clients are all unique and we make sure to treat them like the individuals they are. This is not a one size fits all service."   -  Nancy 

Nancy and Laurel have been best friends for a

lifetime, and now, the mother daughter duo is completely changing the way you think about accountants! 

Nancy E Scott and Laurel K Zeeman

"We like to think of ourselves as more of a boutique practice than a traditional one. We really know our clients and like for our clients to feel comfortable talking to us. So often we hear that they have felt 'shamed' by their previous CPAs. It shouldn't be that way!" - Laurel

Laurel K Zeeman CPA

Laurel has been working with her mother since she was a child and has grown up in the world of finance. Having been born and raised in Port Townsend, she is Port Townsend's only "locally produced" CPA! After graduating with her accounting degree from the University of Washington's Foster School of Business in 2015, she set out to pursue her CPA. Her personal life has inspired her to take a keen interest in unique situations surrounding working abroad and nonresident spouses. 

Laurel and her husband, Mark, spend part of each year in Cape Town, South Africa with their son, Porter. 2016 was a monumental tax season, with baby Porter arriving just two weeks before the tax deadline! Laurel looks forward to having her son grow up with the adoration of friends and clients, the way she grew up! Porter is often found roaming the office. He loves to visit with clients!

Following in her mother's footsteps, Laurel is also an avid traveler. She has nearly paralleled Nancy's travels around the world and spent time teaching in South Africa as a volunteer. But, as with Nancy, no matter where in the world she is, she is always available to her clients!

Having grown up in Port Townsend and now having a son, Laurel is an invested member of the community. She is passionate about the success and survival of local businesses, and the preservation of the qualities that make Port Townsend the incredible place it is. She is also passionate about modernizing the practice to allow for more electronic communication. She understands the busy lives of today's workforce and seeks to make tax time (and all financial dilemmas) as easy for clients as possible. Whether it be a face-to-face meeting, a Skype chat, or uploading documents electronically, she is eager to make sure clients' needs are being met to their full satisfaction! 

Nancy has practiced public accounting for nearly 35 years, the last 25 in Port Townsend. She works extensively with individuals, small to medium-sized businesses, non-profit foundations and fiduciaries. With an MBA in Accounting, her specialties include income tax preparation; estate, retirement and cash flow planning; creating sound bookkeeping systems; and business consultation.

Nancy is an intrepid traveler. In 2006, she began teaching a variety of business classes in Thailand at Ramkhamheang University for one or two months a year. Since 2015, Nancy has been working with several NGOs in South Africa. She looks forward to her annual trip there and helping these organizations.

Since moving to Port Townsend in 1988, she has been an active member of the community and served on several boards.
Nancy takes pleasure in many outdoor activities and travel adventures and delights in being with her family. Her two children, Jeremy and Laurel, are both graduates of Port Townsend High School, and have both returned to Port Townsend to live and work.

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Nancy E Scott CPA

Scott Zeeman

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Nancy E Scott, CPA
Laurel K Zeeman, CPA